Frequently Asked Questions

For Couples

What is a honeymoon registry?

A honeymoon registry is similar to a store gift registry, with the only difference being that instead of household items and personal things you are creating a registry of your honeymoon. The registry can include all areas of the honeymoon like air travel, hotel accommodations and services, activities, tours and any other idea that you wish to be a part of your trip. Lost Hotels brings you a feature no other honeymoon registry offers which is our curated hotel directory which enables you to select your dream destination, select the hotel and then add all the spa services, activities, meals and anything else you can imagine to your registry easily and then share it with all your family and friends. Once they receive an invitation to visit your registry, they can buy portions of your trip priced to suit any budget and pay for it online. Once your wedding date arrives, we can either send the funds directly to the property selected or send you the money to be managed by you as you wish. 

If your destination is not part of the Lost Hotels Member Properties, you can create a registry from scratch with all your items and just use the registry service.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Sign up and register. Create a Personalized Registry Welcome Page with your picture and message.
Step 2 - Select your destination - After registering you can take some time to browse through our hotel directory to search for that perfect destination for your honeymoon. You will be able to see complete property profiles with beautiful images and all the information needed to make your decision.
Step 3 - Once you have selected the hotel, select from all the activities, spa services, tours and items available for that hotel and destination. At this time, you can activate your registry so that it will appear in the search results and add the registry URL to any of the social media sites to share it with your friends.
Step 4 - Invite your friends and family to visit your registry. You will receive updates whenever a guest buys you a gift either by email or by visiting your Registry Dashboard.

How do we receive the gifts?

The funds received are available to you in two ways, sent to your bank account via ACH bank deposit or sending the payment directly to the hotel. Some deposits might be required by specific properties so please check the Hotel Policies in the Hotel Profile. You can select which option suits you better at the time you are creating your registry.

How much does it cost to use the honeymoon registry?

Setting up your registry is free. We charge a 9% service fee to cover all of the expenses associated with providing excellent customer service, technical support, website development, website and payment security and of course credit card transaction fees.

How do we notify our guests about our Honeymoon registry?

The registry provides the functionality to send an email invitation to your guest list, to share via facebook and twitter and to add the couple specific URL address in your printed invitations.

What happens if the total amount of the gifts we received in our registry is less than the total cost of our honeymoon?

In the event that the total value of the gifts received by the couple is less than the cost of their honeymoon, they couple must provide the additional funds if needed. Remember the registry is used as a tool to collect the funds for your honeymoon that you receive as gifts.

Does Lost Hotels help me to book my trip?

Absolutely! Lost Hotels will send a request to the property you select including any services and activities to confirm availability and prices. Once we receive the hotel confirmation, we will update all the price information in your registry to ensure that you request the correct amount to cover the cost of each registry item. Please make sure to review the hotel policies regarding deposits and cancellations available in the Hotel Profile. When booking, you will be required to provide a credit card to confirm reservations and make deposits when necessary.

Can we use the registry if we don't have a destination selected?

Lost Hotels offers you a unique tool to plan your honeymoon by providing incredible destinations and a linked honeymoon registry to make the trip planning easy and fun. If you are not sure where to go, you can create a registry by selecting Collect Funds so that your guests can contribute to your honeymoon. The funds can be used for whatever you want!

For Guests

What is a Honeymoon Registry?

A honeymoon registry works like a regular wedding registry. The only difference is that you will be giving the couple a part of their honeymoon as your gift. We provide a system for the couple to plan their dream honeymoon and then share it with their family and friends online. Instead of buying them a flower vase or a coffee maker, you can give them a "romantic dinner for two" or a "Scuba Diving Trip" as their wedding gift helping them to make the most important trip of their lives a reality.

How do I give a gift?

You can find your couple in our HOME page by going to the GIVE A GIFT section and typing the bride or grooms last name. This search is also available on the Honeymoon Registry Home page. Once you see their name in the search results, just click on it and their registry will appear. Scroll down to see their WELCOME MESSAGE and then the items that the couple has selected for their honeymoon. You will be able to select from different items and gift amounts. If you don't find an item in the amount you would like to give the couple you can select additional items to reach your desired gift amount.
For example if you see am item that is $25 / portion but you would like to give $75, just select 3 portions and your gift total will be $75. 

After you have selected your gift, just follow the simple and secure CHECK OUT PROCESS . At this stage you will also be able to send the couple a PERSONAL MESSAGE which they will receive when they receive an email notification of your gift. You will also get a receipt of your transaction via EMAIL.

Is my information safe?

Our check out process is completely safe. We do not store any credit card information. The funds received for the couple are then sent directly to the travel supplier or to the couple depending on how they have set up their account.

To book one of our hotels

Click on the BOOK HOTEL button on the hotel profile and fill out the form. One of our NOMADS will contact you with pricing and availability information as soon as possible. You can also send us an email to anytime.