Keep It Simple.

Most of the details brides go crazy about won’t ever be noticed by the guests, so take a chill pill and keep it simple. Choose not to waste time or money on insignificant details that bring nothing to the wedding ceremony or party and simply add details that reflect you and your significant other.

Utilize Your Own Resources (Friends and Family)

We all have friends and family members that could help us make our special day perfect. Having close friends and family doing many of the things necessary to pull off a great wedding also brings an intimacy that can’t be described. From hair and makeup to photographs and even decorations, we can surely find someone close that will be willing to help and save you tons of money in the process.

Reduce Your Guest list.

The guest list is normally a nightmare to finalize. There are so many things to consider. A guest list, with only close family and friends will undoubtedly create a much more intimate event, surrounded by the people that really should be there.

Think Outside the Box.

The wedding industry is huge and the results are a lot of cookie cutter events, hard to differentiate one form the other. Traditions can be “bent” to reflect you while at the same time putting on a unique event and saving money at the same time. Instead of a sit down dinner, try a casual barbeque or food trucks. The ideas are endless, just be brave and do your own thing.

Choose the date carefully

Your wedding date can have a huge impact on your costs and the costs of traveling and lodging for your guests. Be mindful of these points and you will save a ton of money by booking off-season, finding that lost hidden venue that is new or trying a day event instead of a night gala.


This is actually very simple. Identify early on what is important to you and let go of the rest. Spend money on what you think people will remember, things that set your special day apart from all others and that have some significance to both you and your guests.

You can always Elope

Wedding planning can be very stressful and put a real strain on your relationship. Handle it with care, communicate well with your partner and create something where you both will be happy. If it’s getting complicated, don’t be afraid to chuck it out the window and romantically elope….

Destination weddings can be a solution when the budget is tight

Even thought there are travel costs associated, at the end, your guests list will shrink in size and improve in quality, meaning only the people you really want at your wedding will be there. It can be less formal, quirky and still breathtaking but in a much more intimate way.


This is YOUR day! Make it exactly what you want, avoid the things that don’t matter, relax and enjoy. You will be able to live without the matching napkins, the seat covers and the ultra-expensive caterer. This things will not matter the morning after, only the memories will stay with you forever.